Uniform Policy

West Junior High School Uniform Dress Code:

Students’ clothing and grooming shall be appropriate at all times. “Appropriate” is defined as clothing which is non-disruptive and does not interfere with the educational process. “At all times” is defined as during school hours. The School Board is permitted to adopt dress codes mandating the use of school uniforms. The purpose of the uniform policy is to create a safe environment that promotes student learning and school identity.

Appearance Guidelines:

Students are expected to be neat, clean, and avoid extremes. Uniforms are to be kept in good condition. **Uniforms (including West Sweatshirts) should be free of all types of graffiti and/or any writing and worn during regular school hours.**

The following are student uniform dress code guidelines:


Polo:collared,solid white/dark green short or long sleeve - no cap sleeves.

Undershirt: solid color - white, black, green or gray.

Designs, emblems, insignias, monograms and logos are prohibited.


No dresses.

Solid color: Khaki or Black.

Style must be cotton twill or cotton blend (no jean style or jean material). No stretch pants.

Must be worn at waistline.

Finger tip length or longer (length can be cuffed or not cuffed). Can be pleated, flat, or A-line.

No elastic or gathered at ankles. No cuts, tears, shred, or frayed in pant legs. Parachute, wind, stretch/warm-up, skinnyand jean style pants are prohibited. Designs, emblems, insignias, monograms and logos are prohibited.


Belts: (optional as long as pants are at waistline)

Solid color and solid material: Black, khaki, or brown.

Belt buckles must be plain; standard buckle no letters or symbols.

Appropriate length for waist size.

No dangling belts.

Design emblems, insignias, monograms, logos, studs, etc...are prohibited.


Shoes may be tie, buckle, Velcro, or Slip - on (tennis shoes are acceptable).

Shoes shall be properly tied, if applicable (No dragging shoe laces).

No house slippers or shoes that resemble slippers.


“Official” West Junior High Sweatshirts will be the ONLY outerwear allowed in the building during the school day.

A polo must be worn under a sweatshirt at all times and be visible.


Outerwear (winter coat/rain coat) may not be worn to class.

Trench coats are prohibited.

Outerwear may be any color and with or without a hood.


General Uniform Rules:

The school uniform must be worn properly at all times when the student is on school grounds during school hours.

Uniforms, for hygienic reasons, may not be stored in student lockers or P.E. lockers overnight, except sweaters & sweatshirts.

Uniforms are expected to be in a clean, mended condition.

Students will not obscure their identity in any way (face paint, excessive make-up, and sunglasses).

Exposed chains, oversize jewelry, dog collars, spikes, piercing, and other articles deemed to be potentially harmful to students are not permitted.

Clothing must fit appropriately. Excessively tight pants and/or shirts are not allowed. Shirts must be buttoned up properly to ensure modesty.

No hoods or hats are to be worn on head inside of the school building


The consequences for dress code violations are as follows:

  1. First offense - The student will change the clothing item and be given a copy of the Dress Code.
  2. Second offense - The student will change the clothing item. The Assistant Principal will be notified. Parents will be notified. The Student will serve a lunch detention.
  3. Third offense - The student will change the clothing item. The Assistant Principal will be notified. Parents will be notified. The Student will serve one of the following consequences:
a. 3 lunch detentions, or
b. Thursday School from 2:30-5:30 p.m., or
c. 1 day of In House Suspension